Do you want reliable tools to predict battery electrode quality and performance in development and production? Do you want to reduce scrap and increase process yield? The use of appropriate analytical technologies can allow you to accelerate electrode design based on new formulations and processes, and reliably control product quality. Rigaku and Micromeritics will together show how X-ray and physical textural analysis technologies can provide reliable determinations of density, elemental purity, surface area, porosity, and crystal structure that are essential to a high-quality anode or cathode.  
You will learn:

  • Effective tools for measuring critical quality attributes of density, elemental purity, surface area, porosity, and crystal structure for cathodes and anodes 
  • Basic principles of operation and examples of: XRD, XRF, X-ray CT, gas adsorption, mercury intrusion porosimetry, gas pycnometry 

 Who should attend:

  • R&D scientists who want to speed-up development and transfer to production 
  • Analytical chemists who want to know how to choose the correct technique for each measurement 
  • Production engineers who need effective tools for process control 
Stephan Wollstadt and Katharina Peikert



Dr Katharina Peikert | Technology and Application Consultant

Micromeritics Instrument Corporation

Dr. Katharina Peikert studied chemistry at the University of Hamburg. The area of materials science fascinated her already during her main studies. Her PhD under Prof. Michael Fröba has taken her into the world of porous materials, where she has focused on the synthesis and characterization of nanoporous metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for the specific storage and release of nitric oxide. In 2016, Dr. Peikert joined the German Micromeritics team and since then she supports our customers with her experience in the characterization of porous materials.


Dr. Stephan Wollstadt | Applications Scientist

Rigaku Europe SE

Dr. Stephan Wollstadt graduated from Technical University of Darmstadt in the field of Materials Science. His PhD thesis was focused on the development of fluorinated oxide materials for cathode applications in solid oxide fuel cells and other electrochemical systems. The easy to apply method of powder x-ray diffraction was a centerpiece of his thesis and with its help, he was able to perform insightful structural analysis and thermodynamic calculations. Stephan joind in early 2022 the application team of Rigaku Europe SE as a specialist for powder x-ray diffraction and Rietveld refinement.



In this joint webinar, Retsch and Rigaku present 

  • How to optimally prepare the sample for analysis 
  • How to analyze the physical and chemical composition of battery materials and the complete battery.

With numerous application examples - from the raw material to the recycling stage - we provide an overview of best practices in sample pulverization as well as XRD, XRF and CT analyses.


  1. Application examples for 
    • XRD of NCM and graphite
    • XRF of NCM
    • SAXS of graphite
    • CT of battery
    • Milling of raw material, electrodes and recycling fractions
    • Sieving of battery material
    • Assisting steps e.g. pellet pressing and sample division
  2. Live Demonstration of XRD measurements including sample preparation.
  3. Question and answer session after the presentation

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