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How to run in operando xrd experiments


Did you know that you can collect XRD data while charging/discharging a lithium-ion battery (LIB)?

Despite the significant advancement of LIB technology, further improvements and optimizations are still required to solve challenges such as energy density, cycle life, and safety. In operando XRD can help us gain a fundamental understanding of the reaction mechanisms in physical and chemical processes during LIB operation.

In the webinar, you will learn the best practices, how to prepare samples, and the best ways to configure your in operando XRD experiments. You will see both application examples of liquid and solid-state electrolyte batteries.

Presenter: Keisuke Saito, PhD | Co-Presenter:  Tim Bradow

Host: | Aya Takase


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Photo of Keisuke Saito

Keisuke Saito | Director of Application Science

Rigaku Americas Corporation | Texas, USA

Keisuke Saito is a Director of Application Science and holds a PhD material science. He has been focused on X-ray diffraction (XRD) since 1996. He has extensive experience in the application field including battery, semiconductor, photoelectric, piezoelectric, and ferroelectric. He studied characterization of piezo- and ferroelectric materials using XRD at Tokyo Institute of Technology for his PhD. He enjoys using the skills he learned to measure and analyze functional powder and thin film materials. In the webinar, he helps professionals how to find out the best configurations for XRD depending on targets. Want to learn more? Connect with Keisuke on LinkedIn.

Photo of Tim Bradow

Tim Bradow | Sr. Business Development Manager

Rigaku Americas Corporation | Colorado, USA

Tim Bradow is a Sr. Business Development Manager at Rigaku Americas Corporation. He is focused primarily on developing relationships, collaborations and partnerships related to X-ray analytical instruments that assist battery researchers and manufacturers in the thriving battery industry. Tim holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (BSEEE) degree from North Dakota State University and recently joined Rigaku in early 2022. He has experience with a variety of battery chemistries and applications, including all solid-state thin-film batteries, and has been on the leadership team of multiple battery technology companies. Tim is very passionate about helping people learn more about Rigaku’s powerful X-ray analytical solutions and working with battery scientists to ensure they have access to the best tools to improve their atomic-level understanding of advance materials for next generation batteries Want to learn more? Connect with Tim on LinkedIn.

Photo of Aya Takase

Aya Takase | Head of Global Marketing

Rigaku Corporation | Texas, USA

Aya holds a PhD in engineering from Osaka University and an MA in physics from Tokyo University of Science. She has been with Rigaku since April 1998. She started in the X-ray Diffraction Application Lab and transitioned to X-ray Imaging in 2017. She now focuses on providing educational and useful content for X-ray users. Her goal: Help non-expert X-ray users achieve expert results with less time and effort. She has worked on many projects designing automated and user-friendly X-ray instruments and analysis software. She is very passionate about helping people learn more about X-rays and working with X-ray users to solve their specific problems. Want to learn more? Connect with Aya on LinkedIn.